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JOBBORTUNITIES is a programme being undertaken by Clutha District Council with partnership funding from Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and MSD.

JOBBORTUNITIES is Clutha’s Community Recovery Programme aimed to provide assistance to people displaced from their employment under Covid-19.

JOBBORTUNITIES aims to provide assistance to small to medium sized enterprises to support with recruitment, training, wage subsidy support and assist those looking for employment to overcome challenges towards finding and retaining employment.

Pastoral care

Integral to the JOBBORTUNITIES programme is the ongoing pastoral support from the initial transition into employment through to as the person settles into their role, increased or decreased as required. Pastoral support is walking alongside our JOBBORTUNITIES person to support them into the right employment by improving their motivation, ensuring they are work ready and reducing their barriers.  All this enables a positive experience for all involved.

Meet the team

Meet the team

The people behind JOBBORTUNITIES


Ruth Carraway
Programme Manager

Ruth is the programme manager providing support for people to find and retain employment and find positive outcomes for those affected. 

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Justine Barrie

Mayor's PA

Justine is the Mayor's PA and continues to tirelessly support JOBBORTUNITIES behind the scenes to keep us in line :)

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Bryan Cadogan

Clutha District Mayor

Bryan is in his fourth term as the proud Mayor of the Clutha District and is passionate about providing opportunities for people to have an upward trajectory in life.

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