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Meet  Keelyn


After relocating to the Clutha District from the North Island with my young son I spent a large amount of time unemployed. Struggling to find a career akin to my previous job. It was just my luck that I bumped into Bryan at a local craft market. He put me on to the lovely Ruth and this is when my position with jobbortunities came about.

Having lived a few years in the Cook Islands from 16 to 19 I was able to expand my knowledge and skill set. I took up water sports and became a competitive kayaker and va’a paddler.  I was truly able to immerse myself in another culture and learn a lot about myself. I believe this had a massive impact on me as it showed with hard work and dedication you can achieve what you set your mind too.

I believe this is so crucial when working with people in the community and our youth of today. It only takes one person to believe in them for them to achieve. It took my one coach believing in me and putting effort into me that I was able to represent the Cook Islands on a world stage.


It is truly rewarding watching people achieve. Our youth are so vital to our future.  

Now living in the Clutha distract for over a year I am putting my best foot forward in to developing and helping people reach their fullest potentials through our Jobbortunities team.


I look forward to all the challenges and growth.

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