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Meet Ruth


I blumming love Aotearoa and feel extremely privileged and proud to call the Clutha District my home.  And there’s no getting rid of me now because as soon as I was eligible, I became a citizen – whoop whoop…!!

Prior to Aotearoa I wore many different working career hats in the UK. I was an actor, a youth worker, a housing support worker, drama tutor, pre-release course tutor for juvenile prisoners, resettlement worker for prisoners, drug treatment services manager in prisons, all of which enriched my skills and experience to be the best version of me.

Once in Aotearoa in 2011, I again continued my work within prisons and I’m still running a drama class at Otago Corrections Facility when time and alert levels allow.  I then became the Youth Worker for the Clutha District and that’s when I was able to immerse myself and become involved into these wonderful communities.  It was something I always craved in the UK, sadly we lost a sense of community a long while ago (at least where I lived) so to have this sense of belonging in a country half a world away means the absolute world to me.

After 5 years of youth work, I became self-employed, running training programmes for MSD supporting people that had lost a bit of their mo-jo back into work, mainly in Christchurch.  And then our fantabulous Mayor Cadogan asked if I would be keen to be involved with this new project coming up, it meant I would have to work with him more, but hey you can’t have everything can you 😊, suffice to say, I jumped at the chance.  To be able to support people in the district where I live and the communities I love back into work or apprenticeships – well it was a no brainer…

So here we are, that project has evolved into JOBBORTUNITIES and I love it – I love the team – every single one of them, I love the employers that have given JOBBORTUNITIES a chance, I love those that have become employed through us or working to become employed through us, I love all the different agencies we work with and I blumming love life in Aotearoa – whoop whoop…!!

Some words on Ruth from Bryan Cadogan, Mayor Clutha District

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a number of passionate and capable people with regards to employment programmes, and especially working with young people not in employment or training, and without a doubt the person with the most skills, passion, and X factor is Ruth Carraway.

Ruth is an accomplished facilitator with a proven history in training programmes that encourage motivation, self-belief and the sense of direction and skills needed to transition to employment.

Ruth has strong links with young people and agencies in our district and with her professional yet empathic approach will be fantastic at supporting people into employment. Ruth has particular strength in youth development, empowering young people with motivation, resilience and improved confidence.

I have been fortunate to have worked with Ruth over the years and seen first-hand that she has a special and unique set of skills that enables her to connect with people from all walks of life and assist them through any challenges or barriers to employment.

With Ruth at the helm, JOBBORTUNITIES can facilitate contact between employers and those looking for employment and provide the support and pastoral care required for ongoing employment.

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