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Meet Arna


I aof Ngāpuhi decent and originally from Okaihau in the Far North. My family moved to South Otago when I began intermediate and a few years after high school I then moved to the Gold Coast , Australia where I lived for 10+ years. During this time, I studied Sociology, Counselling and Community Development and worked part time as a tour guide. In 2017 I returned to NZ and have spent the past 6 years as the Coordinator for the Tokomairiro Community Hub in Milton. This role has certainly enabled me to understand and the many complexities amongst some of our most vulnerable. I have a very big social conscious and I care about the communities I live and work in. I have only recently began working as the assistant to the mayor, which means I am fortunate enough to be able to join the JOBBORTUNITIES team! What I love about the JOBBORTUNITIES team is they are real people, who from their own experiences can understand the challenges that life may bring when trying to find employment.


Since returning from living in Australia for such a long time I have also realised the personal investment and passion that I have for the Clutha District and believe that it is a wonderful place to work, live and enjoy life! and I am very much looking forward to seeing others benefit from it too!

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