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Meet Eden


Born and raised in Lawrence I have always been a big supporter of the Clutha district and being a part of the community. Doing a full circle and coming back home to work alongside Ruth and Bryan again after being on the Clutha District Youth Council and doing gateway work experience with Ruth while I was at school is pretty awesome!


I was lucky enough to spend nearly three-year overseas traveling around Europe and basing myself in The Falklands Islands, London, and the Llyn Peninsular in Wales. While overseas I worked in a variety of roles from hospitality, the export packing room at an abattoir to working in special schools for youth with behaviour issues and different backgrounds. My stint overseas and the experiences I had through both work and traveling helped me gain and grow my skill set that have shape who I am today.


After returning from overseas in 2019 I moved up to Cromwell where I spent a year and a half working for Cromwell Youth Trust as a Youth Worker. This time was amazing I loved my role working with youth and within the community helping me realise and grow my passion working with people and supporting them to be their best.



When Ruth, Bryan and Justine asked me to join the team it was a no brainer, I had followed their success the previous year and I felt truly privileged to join the team. Being a part of the JOBBORTUNITIES Team there is never a dull day, we all have the same passion and pride around our role but ensure we have fun along the way.  I look forward to the year ahead and getting back into the Clutha District!

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